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We know that you value your freedom. It allows you to be flexible, work on passion projects and most importantly take on work you like, not just work you have to. That’s why we don’t want to build an agency with employees. Instead, we’re committed to building an agency that will keep freelancers freelancing for as long as possible, so we can harness that creativity, insights and passion for our clients.


Here are just some reasons to join our growing gang of freelancers…


Collaborate on briefs

Wherever possible we involve the whole team throughout the project – from brainstorming to choosing finishes. That way everyone is responsible for the project rather than just feeling like a cog in the production line.

Enjoy your freedom

We don’t ask for any formal commitment to our collective. You do your thing and manage your own clients as normal. As soon as there’s a project we think you’d be perfect for, we’ll let you know. 

Feel the support of an agency 

We know you can spend more time looking for work and project managing it than doing the work. So it’s our job to pull the perfect team together, oversee concepts and manage everything through to delivery. All with the aplomb of a traditional agency.

Work on new stuff

We like to pick freelancers because of what they can bring to the table, not just their background. It means you might get to work on clients outside your usual remit.

Bring in more cash

If you’ve got hold of a brief that you want to work on but needs more resource and a proper agency delivery - we can take it on for you and manage the process from signing off budgets, through to production. In return, we will give you a nice cash commission, and you can choose how involved or hands off you want to be and still get paid your normal day rate. No catches. Just benefits.


Join the gang...

We’re always looking for new talent to work with, so if you’d like to join the gang, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.