Work from our studio

We’re building something quite radical – an agency that operates more like a co-working space.

No huge monolithic offices that you have to commute for miles to everyday. No ridiculously fancy (and superfluous) furniture that ends up being charged back to the client somehow.

Just really simple, light, warm and affordable spaces that you can come and work from, like our Umbrella Studios HQ in Farringdon.

Whether you rent a permanent or a hot desk, you’re part of a collective with all sorts of perks that you don’t get at other co-working spaces. 

All desks are currently taken but we’re looking to open more spaces across London, the South East and Europe soon. If you’d like to go on our waiting list or if you think your area needs what we've got, please get in touch hello@umbrellastudios.co.uk

We are looking to open more spaces across the South East and Europe soon, so if you think your area needs what we've got, please get in touch.

Margate Studio, launching 2018.

Our studio perks include:

  • Access to Umbrella's briefs, events, and perks.

  • Super cheap desk space 100m from Farringdon station.

  • Financial rewards for bringing in briefs and freelancers.

  • Work with creative and nice people who won't send passive aggressive emails about milk in the fridge

  • An office dog who can win over even the hardest of dog haters.

  • One of the best pubs in London, opposite our front door.

  • Bright and beautiful space with windows on both aspects.

  • Free coffee, teas and snacks.

  • Surrounded by amazing pubs and restaurants.

  • Access to Soho in 10 minutes.