Undercover Volume #1

Undercover Volume #1



It was a pretty amazing first year for Umbrella but we kept pretty quiet. In 2018 we wanted to celebrate a bit, so we launched the first issue of Undercover - a magazine produced by our freelance collective.

We're very proud of issue one, it was a long-time bubbling and is evidence of what happens when you get independent talent together, with the rare but happy companions of a tight brief and a lot of creative flexibility. After all, that's what Umbrella is all about.  

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Issue #1 includes:

When Mr. Bingo met Wilfrid Wood - a discussion between two artists about Grindr, naked people and how social media has impacted their work. 

Beat the Drum - hot tips from some of Umbrella’s Freelancers

ScandiKitchen - Ceri Tallett talks to founder Brontë Aurell 10 years after working together at innocent

A Decade of Year Planning with Margate based design duo Crispin Finn

Let The Light In - a selection of images using natural light by photographer Andy Donohoe

A Nugget of Inspiration - the importance of humour in social media with David Levin, the man who coined the name “Justin Trousersnake”

Make Your Move - 5 top tips on being a freelancer in Europe by Stacey Yates, a photographer living in Amsterdam